Sanaa New York Strip Steak

Has anyone had the Steak at Sanaa? I was wondering if it was any good. I do not like African or Indian food very much. Will this steak taste like an American steak? Can I get it without spices added? Also do they have potatoes or vegetables without added spices?


No first hand experience; I love Indian food and that is one of the reasons that Sanaa is one of my favorites in WDW (and of course, the animals). That being said, Disney TSs are very good at working with guests, so I’m sure that if you told them what you wanted, they would be able to accommodate you.

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I’ve had it and thought it was delicious. Taste is so subjective so it’s hard to say whether you’ll think it’ll taste like an American steak. I don’t think it tastes like one you’d make on your own grill. On the other hand, it is not overly exotic in its flavor. One thing I’ve noticed at many restaurants throughout Disney is that they tend keep things somewhat “American” but with subtle influences from the country the food is representing.

You can get it prepared however you’d like. One thing that I can say about my personal experiences at Sanaa is that they waitstaff is very knowledgable about the menu. They are great at making recommendations based on your palette and preferences. Discuss your taste preferences with your server and I’m sure he or she will be able to find a dish that accommodates your preferences or will have the chef modify a dish so that it does.

Last time I had this dish it was paired with Post House Penny Black. Great pairing and I definitely recommend it (If you’re a wine drinker).

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Many years ago a friend and I termed this “putting the food through a pastel colored press”. One of the reasons I love BG so much is that it’s very authentic; reminds me a lot of the food my mother used to cook (she was 1st generation German-American). FWIW, I have found all of the dishes that I have had a Sanaa are very good Indian food; if you want them hot, you can ask for it.