Sanaa for dinner (night views of animals?)

Ok this may seem like a dumb question but we’ve only ever dined at Sanaa for lunch (once, last year and LOVED it), and even though I feel like the answer to this would be “well of course not”, lol…it also wouldn’t surprise me if through some form of Disney magic (like lighting, idk…?) it was possible…but if you dine at Sanaa after sunset/dark, can you see any animals at all?? We were fortunate enough to have a table right at a window last year and saw numerous animals roam by, it was really nice! We are arriving at MCO on a 2pm flight this November and plan to check in to our resort, then spend about 4 hours in AK before a Sanaa dinner, definitely wondering about the animals though.

Yes we had a 6pm reservation in March and saw them…you also get a pager when you check in and can go outside to watch them while you wait. Just check what time sunset is when you make your reservation.

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I’ve heard if you are there after dark when you go outside there are night vision goggles to look at the animals.


This came to mind as soon as i read your comment :grinning:

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Haha- my kids would love that- True Jurassic Park experience!

The night vision goggles are available at certain times. But in my experience, it can be difficult to persuade the kids to give them up. We hung about for 30 minutes before a CM asked them to put them down. Parents were nowhere to be seen, probably eating or in the very small bar. Or even elsewhere.

Now I’m wondering if we should cancel our dinner res…flight gets in at 2pm, so maybe we’d be better off doing a weird late lunch time around 3:30-ish (taking a Lyft right to our hotel - Poly, so DME transport time won’t be an issue). Then maybe just head to AK for evening hours/close. I think expected close time will be around 8pm. A few hours in AK is plenty for our family, that’s why we’re knocking it out on arrival night lol. I actually prefer AK in the evening vs morning/early afternoon anyway! I just don’t know if Sanaa will be the same for us at night even w/ the goggles…it was nice just looking out the window during the meal. And we may be worn out from travel day too.

We did Sanaa for dinner, and once the sun set you really couldn’t see anything. The food was still great and we really enjoyed our meal, but if you’re going for the animal viewing while eating I’d go for lunch or an early dinner while the sun is shining.

That’s what I’m thinking!