Sanaa for breakfast?

I’d really like to try Sanaa on my upcoming vacation, but really only breakfast works with our TP… the menu still looks interesting, but I’m wondering how it works. There doesn’t seem to be a way to make a reservation for breakfast… Is it quickservice for breakfast? We are staying at pop century, would it be open for us?


It is a quick service for breakfast so no reservation is needed. We did it two weeks ago and enjoyed it–the restaurant is beautiful. It wasn’t crowded and you pick your own table so we sat by the windows to view the animals. The menu is limited but we liked our food. And, yes, you can eat there if you are staying at Pop (although there isn’t a Disney bus that would take you directly there from Pop so you would have to drive or Uber/Lyft or take a bus to a park and then a bus to AKL.)