Sana’a DP tip

The 5 of us ate lunch at Sana’a yesterday and had 2 TS credits we planned to use. Our server let us know that with the dining plan, we could get 3 potjie per credit instead of just 2. We ordered the bread service, used our 2 TS credits for 6 potjie and ordered one other entree, and had plenty of food for the 5 of us. In fact we probably could have done without the extra entree. Great way to stretch TS credits for delicious food!


We did the same thing on our last trip. Three of us split two meals after getting the bread service. My DH got his own entree. It was fabulous but still so much food that we couldn’t even finish all of it!

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We find that bread service alone can be a sufficient light meal, but we do share meals when we decide to have entrees in addition to the bread service

Braised beef. OMG I dream of that entree


I have never tried that there… that good, eh? Mmmm… plans

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