San Diego to Anaheim

Hi! I am a WDW AP, and am tagging along with DH next month to San Diego. I would love to travel to DL for my first-ever visit. Amtrak does not show availability on weekend days. What are my other options? (Cannot drive.) Thanks!

When I look at the Amtrak schedule, it shows about 10 daily runs of the Pacific Surfliner from San Diego to Anaheim. Others are just Sat-Sun or Mon-Fri. Are they booked solid (no seats available)?

When I look at Oct 15-16 for a train, I’m seeing no seats available. I don’t think this sounds right. Maybe I’m Amtrak-ignorant? Gosh, I swear I have a working brain. :blush:

You are right. I looked at the dates, in various combinations, for round-trip and one-way travel on Oct 14-15-16-17. Friday and Monday had some seats on lots of trains, but not at all prices. Saturday and Sunday had nothing at all! Either it is super popular, or something else was going on that messes with travel then (shows as “canceled”, so working on the track?). I suggest calling Amtrak and talking to someone. Good luck!!

I appreciate your help! :blush:

Does anyone else have any suggestions about how to travel from Anaheim to San Diego if the Amtrak train is not available that day?

I used to live in San Diego and went to DL many times - but I always drove. If the train is not available, you could maybe look into Greyhound. Of corse you could always fly from San Diego to Orange County - but that’s certainly the expensive route.

Not trying to be personal, but I’m wondering why you can’t drive. It’s about 2 hours, and is about as easy a drive as you can get; get on the I-5 right in downtown San Diego and get off at the Disneyland exit. And a one-day car rental would probably be cheaper than train/bus tickets, taxis at either end, etc. And then you don’t have to worry about schedules to meet.

Thank you @bswan26 for your advice. It is very much appreciated. (I am unable to drive due to a health issue.) We may just need to extend our trip. We live on the East Coast and San Diego is just way too close to DL to not try. :smiley:

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Jiminy - I’m not sure what day you need to be there but I’m driving from San Diego to Anaheim really early on Sunday 10/16 to be there for park opening if you want a ride.

You are so kind!! But…this won’t work for the plans we have in San Diego on Sunday. (I’m starting to think I need to plan a separate DL trip altogether.) Your offer is extremely kind, though. Many thanks! :blush:

You’re welcome. Sorry it won’t work out but if you are there during the week let me know and maybe we can do a liner meet! :slight_smile: