Sample Dining credit lists

Is there somewhere where I could find sample lists of how a family used their DDP credits? I know it will come down to where we want to eat, but thought something like this might be a good reference point.

as luck would have it, there is!

Mock up where you plan on eating and plug it in. I believe it’s been noted to be accurate


Thanks I’ll check it out!

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Love the tripplanner! Thanks, Randall!

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I like that link. I ended up hand calculating my own dining costs anyway because this calculator doesn’t yet include alcoholic or specialty beverages. Also, one evening just my wife and I are going to California Grill without the rest of our party, and I couldn’t figure out how to parse out a party of two using credits but no one else.

Yes I noticed there’s no alcohol option. Maybe they’ll update it now that it’s included.

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That site does have some inaccuracies in some areas- for example, I booked an akershus candlelight processional package for breakfast, and it just didn’t have that option there to choose.

It’s a starting point though :slight_smile: