Same day NRJ FP possible?

Going in mid June. We have FPP for FOP and 2 other attractions through noon. Is it realistic to maybe get a NRJ Fastpass for late day/evening once our other 3 are used up by noon? I just looked at TP info for AK real time right now, and there are passed available for NRJ still today starting at 10:10 am…

Its tough but possible. If you look at the availability, you will see that there is no availability for the next couple of days. That being said, it seems as if Disney drops additional FPP on the day of.

One last thing to consider, the TP site shows availability for a party of 1. If you look for a bigger party, availability will change.

All that being said, many folks on this site have scored NRJ on day of…

Thanks! I did re check the FPP and saw that it is was only for a party of 1…

Probably not going to find a day of FP but we rode Navi on an AK 9:00 open with little wait. Arrived around 8:50 and walked right through the queue and on to the ride.

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I’ve seen day of FPs for NRJ.

We did the same thing. Got there at RD and went their first. There was a tiny wait, but nothing too bad.