Same day Na'vi river fastpass

I was wondering if it was easy to get same day fastpass for Na’vi? I was planning to rope drop it with no wait but realize we will be up late the night before watching the fireworks with DD2 AND DD4 and I dont think it will be possible.

Since there are not a lot of rides that DD2 can do in this park this is a must for us.

Thanks for your advice

I was able to get Na’vi day-of in late May for a party of 2 without difficulty.

I picked it up day-of for around 6 pm on May 29 in early afternoon (before 3 pm).
I also had the opportunity to pick up Na’vi a couple days earlier, but we had already ridden it in the morning via Standby. We waited about 15-20 minutes at 8:30 am on a 8 am park opening day. It was Memorial Day so it was moderately busy.

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Na’vi at times can be a short wait because the line moves fast because of higher capacity loading. I wouldn’t RD it. If you can’t get a FP, I would just check wait times throughout the day. Posted wait times are longer than the reality. We had a 35 min wait and got on in 20.

It’s not always true that the wait time is lower than posted if there have been ride closures. We were there on a day when Navi was down for most of the morning. After lunch we saw it was back up with a posted wait time of 20-30 minutes (can’t remember the exact time). We ended up waiting over 60 minutes because they were letting everyone with fastpasses through. It was crazy to watch. We walked quickly until we were about 30 people from where the fastpass line joined up. We watched as they let literally hundreds of people from the fastpass line go through for every four or five from standby. It took about 45 minutes for us to get on from there. Most frustrating experience I have ever had at WDW.

I think they also drop Navi when they do the FOP same day drops.

That sucks!

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Wow, that’s really unfortunate.

It’s also a good example of how wait time depends on the way the CMs are managing the queue and the loading.

The posted wait was 40 when we got in the Standby line, but it moved very quickly. We waited 20 minutes max. The CMs were putting parties of 2 together in the larger rows and combining singles and parties of 2 in the front (or sitting groups of 3). All the boats were full. That kept the wait time down.

Thanks everybody for reassuring me, I think we’ll wait and ride it in the afternoon hopefully with a same day fast pass :slight_smile: