Same day FPP availability at DHS?

Has anyone had any recent luck getting same day FPPs for ToT or RNRC? My bff and I are hopefully going on a trip in June and would like to go to DHS for half a day, after making FPPs at the morning park. Based on the TP FPP availability, it doesn’t look likely that we’d get these, but has anyone seen them? Wondering if there’s a possibility and we should take a chance or if we just make our prebooked FPPs at DHS. We’d only need 1 of each (I’m not riding either), so that could help our chances.

I just tried checking the FP availability for today at 4:40pm for HS and in about 5 minutes of refreshing saw fast passes available for all 3 TSL rids, ToT and RnRC. So i’d imagine earlier in the day you’d have a decent shot at getting these for some time later in the day and being able to refresh and modify to a time you like. Crowd level would play some role obviously, but I’d personally feel pretty confident about my odds. RnRC also has a single rider line, so would be a good backup if no fast pass was available.


Thanks! That is helpful