Same day FP+ for Enchanted Tales with Belle

I see that fastpasses are usually always gone for ETWB ahead of time. I couldn’t fit it into my schedule for using a fastpass. But I’m wondering if anyone has had luck getting a same day fastpass for it? Thanks!

We did score SD FPPs for it last week, but it was cold and rainy day at MK and no one was there.

I wouldn’t count on it. We had 5:20 ETWB fp and I tried to modify it frequently leading up to our trip and was never able to. We ended up doing it at 9:40 am and then I used the fp for something else. So if it’s an option for you to do before 10 am, you shouldn’t have to wait long for it!

That’s great to know, thanks for the help! I think I maybe be able to squeeze it in early in the day then.

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