Same Day FP Availability

Are most same day FPs only available for evening times?

On our previous trips we have used only our first 3 pre-booked fast passes and not even attempted to get same day FPs after those have been used. I, however, am now studying the chart here on TP regarding same day availability and what time they usually run out, in hopes that we might can grab a few on our upcoming trip. We have a couple of days this trip where we will be leaving the parks fairly early for various reasons though. We leave AK early (around 3pm likely) one day in order to go to MVMCP. Then we leave MK early one day (by 6pm) due to closure for the MVMCP.

The predicated crowd levels are fairly low for those days (4 and 3) but I don’t know if it’s realistic to expect to make use of any same days FPs on those days. Seems it might be difficult to get in all 3 pre-booked FPs and then grab another for a time earlier than we would have to leave. I know we could make use of the extra same day FPs on days that we are in the parks until close, just not sure about these early departure days.

When are you going?

I can tell you I have got FPs in Epcot on Christmas Day within 15 minutes, but not for the headliners. Similar for Christmas Eve for things like POTC, Buzz and Speedway.

That was without constant refreshing, just checking what was available.

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We will be there 11/14-11/21. The fact that you have gotten them at Christmas within 15 mins sounds great. Maybe I’ll have more luck than I’m anticipating.

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