Same Day FOP FP

How realistic is it to try to snag a same day FP to FOP? Has anyone tried and had success? We will be there this Thurs. and don’t want to waste my time checking my phone if there is absolutely no chance of getting them. Thanks!

Not likely at all. We were there two days ago and they were never available. But we arrived to the park at 6:45 am so we could be first in line when they opened the gates and got to ride FOP.

In February I attempted it for 2 days with no success, and I spent a lot of time. Navi River Journey was available multiple times but not FOP!

We were able to get 3 same day FPP for FOP on Thursday, March 29th which was right before Easter and a very busy time at the parks. I checked multiple times during the day and finally snagged them. We had already ridden with FPP in the morning so it was not critical, but we really wanted to ride again so I kept at it. We never could get Navi but did get FOP so it is possible, though I would not plan on it.

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Were those Synchronized FPs or overlapping singles?

Just curious, as the latter seems somehow easier to come by.

I was never able to snag FPs for FoP for 5 during our trip at the same time. Seems you’re the luckiest of them all!

I’ve done it twice. Once in September and once in November. But it was a lot of modifying before they appeared.

All 3 at the same time! We just got lucky, and were looking at the right time I guess.

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