Same Day Fastpasses

Hi all. After we have used our initial three fastpasses, what is the likelihood of getting decent rolling FPs for each of the parks?

Is it ridiculous to expect any of the mountains, ToT etc? We’re 9 people so it’s tough to start out with.

Any advice on how to handle booking advance FP+ for 9? Should I split the group and try to grab what I can? I would like us all to ride as much as possible together.

We are off site so only get 30 days out.
We’re visiting between 9th-25th August.

You have a great chance of getting SDFP at MK. I did a party of 10 over spring break and was able to get Pirates, jungle cruise, space, buzz, and haunted mansion. I find BTMR, Splash, PP, and 7DMT difficult on the Same day. I broke my party into 5&5 or 3&4&3 and searched for overlapping times. Refresh is your friend here. I also booked as soon as we scanned our third usually while walking to load the attraction.

The tiered parks are a little more difficult if you are trying to get additional tier 1. Epcot I find Character Spot, TT, FEA and Soaring to be hardest. Soaring and TT are not impossible though.

HS TSMM and TOT seemed to be challenging.

I can’t speak to AK with the new pandora attractions

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