Same character, 2 meals?

I love Winnie the Pooh and have my heart set on CP breakfast. I also love Mary Poppins and really want to do 1900 PF breakfast. But it looks like Winnie the Pooh is there too. I feel like maybe I would be wasting my time when I could do a different meal and meet all new characters. I’m not bothered about Alice/Mad Hatter.

Would it put you off meeting the same character at 2 meals or am I just crazy :joy: ?

If it’s a meal you really want then I’d say it shouldn’t matter. If it helps you decide you can also meet Mary in the UK pavilion at Epcot. She didn’t have a long line either.

It’s mainly about Mary… I also really want to visit GF though obviously I don’t have to eat there to do that. I might think about dinner instead.

For what it’s worth Dinner at 1900PF is very highly rated and the everyone talks about how fun the stepsisters are.

I’ve heard that but i think DS11 might die of shame if I take him to a princess meal :sweat_smile:

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All the more reason to go! You can show the pictures to his future girlfriend lol.


Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind!!

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A lot of people have reported that their boys who would otherwise steer clear of anything “girly” really enjoy the princess meals - check out

He didn’t even like having his photo taken with Rogue and Storm at IOA last trip!

Didn’t want a photo with Rogue and Storm??? That boy ain’t right…

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