Sad Day

I have to go home and my AP expires tomorrow😭 It was a great week at Disney, and I certainly noticed how much more crowded it was in MK vs last week. Pre-Thanksgiving week to Thanksgiving Week were polar opposites!

Have not yet decided if I’m going to renew, it depends on if I want to return in Jan/Feb or not. Leaning towards not right now due to how bad things are getting :slightly_frowning_face:


Sad. But great photos!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Sad… Thanks for sharing!

I love the back side of the castle pic! I didn’t see the red/green on the backside. …at least you got skool bread twice this trip, yes? That was you right ? :wink: Have you considered the current cost of renewing your AP to the cost of buying a new one later? There’s a discount for renewal and you know they are going to jackup AP prices when they come back online for sale :frowning: Last days are always sad days, even if you are exhausted and hurting head to toe :smirk:

Yup - 2 days at Epcot meant School Bread twice! I also had a wonderful last day at MK - because while it was extra busy - I got to spend the day with my 6 yr old niece who lives in Texas (they were doing 6 days at Universal for Thanksgiving, and decided to come to MK for a day) It was nice to surprise her - she was so sad I wasn’t spending the rest of the week with them though😭

Because they are not selling AP’s it makes me want to renew :joy: But …who knows at what point travel restrictions might change, so it’s a risk. (… Granted I have to 14 day quarantine - so what else can they do)

I feel very fortunate that I got 5 trips - 34 park days out of my current AP over the course of 17 months.


You have made excellent use of your AP; brava.


Fabulous pictures!!

Love your pictures! Where did you stay?

I thought I did good with my DLR annual pass but not as good as you!

You mean how much better they can get from here! :wink:


Great pictures! Sad that your AP has expired, but wow, you made great use of it!

Pop Century for one night, Carribbean Beach Resort for 6.

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