"Sacred Spaces" T-Shirt

I love the idea of saving time for “sacred spaces” but I’m not sure if this design is working. Thought I would throw it out there anyway. Let me know if you have thoughts on which wording works best?


Could also go on the back of the shirt or reversed.


Okay…something about it felt off putting…then I realized why. Upon first glance, the image appears to be an arrow up and down. With the text Sacred Spaces, it evokes an idea that the mind as well as the, uh, nether regions, are sacred spaces.

So, perhaps modify the decorative parts to not look like arrows?

You may have a point with this one. I didn’t think of that at all but now you’ve said it….

This is why it’s always good to have multiple sets of eyes looking over an idea. That did not even register in my mind but it also wasn’t really working for me. This one might go back to the drawing board.


Can’t un-see that :joy: