RV's in a Hurricane

Anyone know what Disney makes you do with your RV when they have a hurricane? Meaning do they evacuate Fort Wilderness campgrounds?

Yes, they warn, days in advance, of possible evacuations. They will let you know your options, and when you must decide, as the forecast develops.

The biggest concern is usually falling trees and blowing debris.

Thanks. Makes sense.
I was trying to think of a way to get around those pesky flight cancellations that typically coincidence with Hurricanes. Figured we could rent an RV and just drive down instead. But if we’re just gonna get kicked out of FW anyway… I’m not actually being all that clever.
Really want to during second week in September to avoid crowds…but, weather frustrations could be a close second annoyance!

You wouldn’t get kicked out, they will find you a room.

If you are planning a hotel stay, storms are great. The parks are empty, the day before and after. They’ve closed for hurricanes, only 5 times, I think. So, if your flight gets canceled, stay an extra day, or two.

Having experienced a hurricane, I would never follow through with a trip if there was a hurricane forecast. Here’s a first hand report of Disney during a hurricane:


Me, either @NoCapes! I live in a state that gets hurricanes, and even inland they can do quite a bit of damage. Just the rain and wind can be unpredictable. I’d want to get out of reach of a hurricane or tropical storm, not stay there!

I was in Hurricane Irma trapped in the ASMovies. The CMs were incredible, efficient and gracious. Goofy and Max showed up in the hotel lobby as did Buzz and Woody, they gave away free Pizza, chocolate, soft drinks. They opened up all the channels on TV and gave us free flashlights in case the power went out. Disney will take care of you, always.

But, having said that, it is most definitely not something I would ever want to repeat. I caught a cold and was running high fevers throughout most of it so the whole episode is as nightmarish as it can get. The winds howled and pounded horizontal rain against our windows, the bars on the huge metal hydrant on the stairs got bent! And once it was over, the trees were ripped up and spewed everywhere. I’m glad that blogger had a boring event but it wasn’t my experience. This thing was brutal and tore up every tree outside the dalmatians building in ASMov. There were branches and trees everywhere, covering the cars. We had to buy food, water, soft drinks and bunker up in a room for two or three days! The resort food court and the gift shop were closed for a complete day so I don’t know what other people did to eat. We had a car and had stocked up previously. We unfortunately did not have aspirin for the fever so I had to wet towel on the forehead it. Nothing was open.

I wouldn’t risk this in an RV @SirGreggLadyV. Most definitely not. The advantage of an RV that we did not have would be to run from a hurricane if needed. If you’re willing to do that then I would give your plan 2 thumbs up, because the hurricane can always veer off to another place, but if you plan to hunker down in th RV… I’d probably talk some more sense into you amigo!

@quicha - I’m sorry you went through that! I’m sure that the other couple did better because they chose a place with interior hallways instead of external. That all sounds scary!

I’m not the one wondering about RVs in a hurricane, that was the original poster. :slight_smile: RVs in wind gusts doesn’t sound like my kind of thing.

I would also say that apparently they could afford to stay somewhere very nice (with DVC points). That wouldn’t be something I could do very easily. When we go on a trip, we are on an already tight budget. Yikes!

Oops, sorry about that!

Yeah, me too… ASMov is our splurge luxury hotel. Most of the time my bugdet can’t make it past the Motel 6 on Irlo. But at least I am in WDW! :grin::grin::grin:

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To clarify…
I’m curious how Disney handles RV’s once a hurricane hits. I’m not interested in piling everyone into a fiberglass sail on wheels once an impending hurricane hits, thinking it’s a way to get some kind of benefit from it.
The scenario would be that we’re there and a hurricane hits… what then? Official Disney Hurricane policy is basically that they evacuate FW on a case by case basis and there is no set rule. Someone on this thread said they’d put you up in a room, but, would they? You’ve got a RV so don’t you already have shelter? Seems harsh but is it possible that this is what they do with folks staying at FW? And lets say they do find you a room, what do you do with your RV? Will they let you park it in the Pop Century or FWL parking lot?
Those things don’t typically fair so well in high winds and it could become a larger liability to keep it near people or private property. The goal here was to go in September to avoid crowds but it’s, from my experience, Hurricane prime time. So I want to give it a rocket launch contingency plan approach.
Thanks for everyone’s help.

Also, pretty much from now until the end of September/mid-November there are tropical storms along the Atlantic equatorial line and each one of them has the potential to pick up speed and strength and turn towards central Florida with limited real predictability of where it’s really going to hit so arguably a little more than one third of all trips planned to WDW could go South (no pun intended).

I’m sure that they would find a room for anyone in an RV, if they wanted to wait it out. Whether they paid for it would be an entirely different thing, though. You are right. RVs would be a serious danger to anything around it. But then, so would cars. Driving those things in regular winds can be scary.