"running skirt" outfit pictures

I’ve read on the chat that the running skirts are a great way to do Disney in the summer and beat the heat. Would any of you that wear these post pictures of your outfits? Trying to get an idea of how people wear them/put together outfits.


Oh, I want to see pics, too! I’m always curious what they look like on and it’s so hard to gauge online. Thanks!

Hang on. I will find one. It’s of me actually running, but you’ll get the idea.

Just pair them with a tee or tank. They make super cute outfits!

OK actually it’s not me running but riding :wink: Here is a pic of me and my husband on a bike riding tour we took in Jacksonville FL on our 10th anniversary vacation. We are in the center - purple shirt. If you ignore the bike helmet, I look pretty cute :wink: I have the skirt paired with a running tank.

Some skirts are longer, some shorter. I am not a skinny girl as you can see but I am comfortable in this length running skirt when running around town doing errands, etc. This one is a C9 brand from target.


You look supercute! And yes, you are a skinny girl. I know this because you and I have approximately the same frame. Ergo, you’re skinny. :relieved:

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Well then yes, I am.

I found another:

ETA this is an Athleta outfit


I wear them ALL the time. One of the women I work out with introduced me to them and I can’t get enough. I have a bunch, but my favorite style/fit/brand is from LL Bean.

These pics aren’t best (pre/post races) but hopefully will give you an idea. I actually have some I keep aside for just wearing, not working out in.




If you are looking for something flashier, there is an actual website www.runningskirts.com. I have a friend who wears skirts from the site all the time.

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I usually wear a utilikilt for a few days down there in September. Breezy and you still have pockets to hold your stuff.

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I just bought two “athletic skirts” at Target. They have short leggings underneath. I’m not sure if they would be great for running, but they are awesome for walking.

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Just ordered two skorts from Target based on this thread! Thank you for all the pictures, you ladies rock the running skirts!


Mine are super comfy and I keep getting compliments from other ladies on them. I hope you love them!

Long live the breathable skort! I love them for workouts, though I don’t know that I’ve ever worn them at WDW because I hate my legs. I do wear maxi dresses with bike shorts under to prevent chub rub all the time, and will say that wearing a skirt with short shorts under is preferable to pants/actual shorts almost every time.


“Chub rub”…too funny! And too true!!

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Haha! I hate chub rub!! Headed to Target to pick up some of these athletic skorts!! Thanks ladies!!