runDisney merch question

runDisney newbie here! I’m doing the Springtime Surprise Challenge later this month! (OMG!! That’s THIS month!). I’m wondering about pre-purchase merchandise. I’ve read on other blogs that you could pre-purchase pins. Was or is that available for 2022 races?

I think it would have been done at the time of registration

Yes, that is right.

Typically you are provided a page during your race registration with all the merchandise purchase options. You can go back in later and add merch if you skip it initially.

I foget the cutoff time for selecting merch, but it may be around the same time as you are given for entering prrof of time.

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Pre-covid, there was a longer time period to pre-order some merchandise. I think when they saw supply issues at Wine and Dine in 2021, they decided to cut off all the pre-order merchandise early for the different races. I know Princess didn’t have it on for long - not sure if they’re still doing it.

There was not a pre-order for merchandise on the Marathon reg today - which totally threw me off. I always get my AP package…whatever they have.

I think they are still worried about over promising and under delivering due to potential supply chain issues. Even tho by January 2023 we will be at 3 full years of this.

I am wondering if they are going to take the approach of “making” as much merch as they can and just have us line up at the expo to buy it. By doing this, they can remove the risk associated with promising any pre-order products that they may not be able to get before the race. This takes away their risk.

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I agree with the: at the expo only thought.

I just wish they would spread out merch to different locations to reduce the wait times. (Or require a bib to enter and to restrict people to only buy race merch for the race they signed up for).

I know it’s a bit harsh, but until they get enough merch to have a decent stock for all who want it, they should give the actual runDisney runners a chance before the eBay pirates plunder everything. They still get their money.

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So the pre-purchase merch thing was still nagging at me. I emailed runDisney yesterday specifically to ask about pre-purchasing passholder and other merch packages. I asked: since it wasn’t available at registration - would it be available later?
Here is the response I received:

The only merch I ever get is from pre-purchase. This bums me out. I can’t win against the Ebay pirates unless they start requiring a bib to purchase merch and put on actually enforced limits. :frowning:

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That does really suck.