RunDisney event registration - possible to change runner?

I am planning on running the W&D 10k and Half, and I am going to encourage DW to run the 5k. However, She won’t be ready to make that decision before registration. So I’m thinking of registering her just in case she decides to run. I know RunDisney states that the race registration is not transferable, but I would like to run the 5k if DW does not. If not transferred, the registration is just wasted. Does anyone with RunDisney experience have any advice?

Can’t speak to this at all from what “what’s allowed” perspective, but from a practical one, you would kind of mess up the race results for women and potentially age group if you are in separate age brackets.

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Yeah I thought about that, and realized how unethical it would be to just use her bib and not try to transfer it to my profile. I think if she decides to skip the 5k, it will just be a wasted $85. Not the biggest deal, but frustrating if Disney won’t transfer it. Seems like it should be easy for them to do in advance (race weekend changes I can understand being impossible).

I think the biggest issue is they don’t want to be in a situation where someone can profit from reselling race registrations. It obviously isn’t the case in your situation and a transfer would be reasonable, but it is likely far simpler for them to have a no transfer rule than to attempt to police the transfers…


I didn’t think about that. Makes sense.

If she is unwilling to head to the starting line, there is really no option left to you; you’ll be out $85.

RunDisney reserves the right to permanently ban someone making use of a bib that they are not registered for.

There is a possibility for you… but it may cost you more than the $85.

Some of the charity and travel providers are able, based upon their contracts with runDisney, to reassign a bib very close to the date of a race - but charity providers will have a minimum fundraising amount, and travel providers will have required you to purchase a travel package with them.

I do not happen to know what the W&D 5k course looks like off the top of my head, however, my understanding is that rD is very forgiving about sweeping people during the 5k, as they tend to not require road closures, and that as long as she is making reasonable progress, your wife will be permitted to finish. Obviously the 16-minute pace is on the books and it could happen, but, I’ve not ever seen a Parade Bus on a 5k course.

I found this to be very true. I am not a runner at all and I have done many Disney 5k races and I have never seen anyone swept from a 5k–including the year that DS was being beyond whiny and was walking so painfully slow that a woman pushing her walker past us. I took us well over an hour to finish the 5k so we weren’t close to the pacing requirement.

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