Rumours about Rise of the Resistance at DHS

So as of last night, it seems Twitter is awash with rumours that the RotR ride at DHS could open before DL. And possibly even on August 29th.

Again, rumour is there could be an announcement today.

Can I post a link to Twitter? I shall see in the next few minutes!

Now this only covers the rumoured announcement of opening dates. But other rumours also point to the possibility of the DHS ride opening before DL. (Such as the fact that CMs are being given assignments on the new ride, which would be odd if the ride wasn’t due to open for a few months).


Seems odd that it would open in HS and not in DL?

I guess we’ll find out!

There are reasons I strongly feel this rumor won’t pan out. I will share in the not too distant future.


Whatever issues they were having at DL would have been discovered at an earlier stage in testing at DHS. That would give them a better chance of fixing them without having to back-track so much perhaps.

If this is true, it would also explain why they announced Mickey’s train ride was being pushed back, if they diverted the team from that to fixing RotR.

And finally, given how disappointed Disney Corp are about the opening of Galaxy’s Edge at DL, maybe they decided this would be a good move - to try to avoid the low attendance they’ve had at DL.

Personally I don’t think it will open on the 29th. But I could see both opening at the same time, maybe a month later. Or DHS still opening first but not in August.

It’s hard to know though, this seems to be coming from DL insiders, of whom I have absolutely zero knowledge about.


Often August hours are adjusted around the 13th of the month before, are announcements made around that same window? I would believe a rumor that details on HS would be announced this week.

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Yeah, I highly HIGHLY doubt it will open on it before August 29th.

Just my .02

I’ve been in Orlando the last 3 weeks and there’s a lot of rumors swirling. Most are incorrect.

It’s fun to speculate though!

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I was just thinking about when it will open. Was hoping way before my Spring trip! This would be a great announcement!

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There was a rumor a couple months back I believe that suggested Disney wanted to try very hard to open RotR in DHS on opening day, avoiding the phased opening being seen at DL.

Of course, this rumor now would be consistent with that rumor.

But, as we all know about rumors, this is all just a rumor! :wink:


I’ve heard a rumour that there are rumours about some Star Wars Land opening at DHS.



Really? That’s not what I heard at all!

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See, that’s the thing about rumours. Never know what to believe!

So what did you hear then?

I heard that the rumor about there being a rumor about Star Wars Land wasn’t true at all, and instead the actual rumor was that there were no new rumors about Star Wars land, and that Star Wars Land wasn’t a rumor at all!



I’m glad to see some rumors floating around now about RotR. We’re going to HS in December. Aside from the initial phased opening announcement, it’s been very quiet if RotR would be open by then.

I know it’s all rumor and Disney will take their sweet time to announce any schedules or give us any insight how to tackle SWGE, but at least I feel better that we have a chance to see the full land open.

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We’re going in December, too! Hope we get lucky and RotR is open!! :crossed_fingers:

This is a thing?
Why are they disappointed?

Wouldn’t hotel reservation numbers for WDW for 8/29 and on give them strong estimates on anticipated attendance.

Anyone can answer. I’m not grilling you, @Nickysyme!!!

Apparently they are worried.

They probably over did the blackouts for AP holders and I believe some have been lifted. But it seems that the anticipated crowds a) didn’t happen and b) scared off others. The rest of the park and DVA have been pretty empty too. Low numbers all around.

And in contrast, the “new” WWOHP ride has got 10 hour waits and all the headlines. Oops!

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I may be in the minority but a 10 hour wait is not a success to me. It is miserable from a guest experience perspective and could point to the fact that it was opened too soon before they could run it successfully. I know what I view as a success from a guest point of view vs what corporate views as a success are two different things but maybe that is part of their problem :slight_smile:


Yes. But I think they hoped there would have been more in the way of crowds and 2 hour waits.


What was unusual was that the comments after the wait often were “it was worth the wait”. Galaxy Edge there has not been a wait and it is has not generated the same buzz.