Rumors about Jambo?

I saw some references to a DVC expansion at Jambo on MouseOwners, and as I am walking this morning and listening to the Welcome Home Podcast the DVC Store Contacts (I think that is the sponsor?) are referencing the same rumor. Has anyone read any details on this?

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Have not heard this

I read the title and thought maybe Dumbo’s mom was having another baby. :wink:

I think it might have started with the reference to 16?

Ha! That’s what I get for posting while walking!

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I love Dumbo. He’d make a great big brother.

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Actually I do recall there being something in that that called out Kidani and Jambo separately

Which didn’t strike me as odd because they are listed separately in the reservation engine, but maybe there was something more there?

I am behind in my podcasts.

She’s a little old to be gestating anymore


Come on… not even with some Pixie Dust??? :heart:
(I love Dumbo.)

I think this goes back to the ROFR wording about 16 resorts, and then Jambo and Kidani being quoted as separate DVC resorts. That made someone suggest that if Jambo was being considered a separate DVC resort then there would need to be more DVC rooms.

I don’t think this rumour is based on anything else.

I was listening to the Welcome Home Podcast this morning as I was walking. They had on two members of the DVC Resale Market team. They were both long time DVC guides (they spent many years together on cruises).

There was a question to them about the Riviera resale. They responded to that and then added they are hearing from their friends still in DVC that their are rumors about Jambo. They referenced that it was their understanding that “discussions” were being held but that can happen at any time and it does not mean anything is happening?

Maybe I should listen again, and I think the MouseOwners began because of the 16- but this seemed different?

I think they are considered somewhat separate entities by DVC. My ownership papers very specifically say Kidani on them. And though I can book Jambo at 11 months, it does not pop up under my home resorts.

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The resale restrictions applied to the “original 14 resorts” which included AKL as one.

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You are deeded as one or the other, but they are part of the one resort. You can book at either with home resort advantage and they have the same end date.