Rumor Only: Annual Passholder Previews April 8 & 9 for Pandora

Trying to figure out where to sign up. Folks replying to the announcement (on the post linked above) seem to be referencing a sign-up somewhere on I can’t find it.

(According to Tom Corliss / WDWNT, the AP blockout dates starting April 8 will not apply, meaning AP Silver and Gold AP holders in Florida can attend this.)

I have been following too, the WDW Magic thing seemed to be a hoax. I am guessing it will be on the passholder section of the WDW site.

Does anyone think this means there might be a soft opening soon after April 9?

Sometime between April 9 and May 27, surely.

I think @len mentioned on a recent podcast that he was thinking end of April at the earliest for a soft open. The feeling I’ve got from a few folks “in the know” is that Disney is rushing to get it completed and polished in time for May 27th. That Universal’s Volcano Bay is in a similar spot; whomever can open first will draw crowds, and that neither might be 100% complete yet.

The sign up does seem to be … Ferdinand-Puckey, yes. :ox:

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This has NOT been verified. And WDW News Today is NOT a trustworthy site for “breaking news”. Some refer to it as “click-bait”. Some highly respected fan news sites will not even allow links to WDWNT. My usually very good “sources” are saying that Pandora will likely not even be handed over to Ops until April 17th, and with no CM previews scheduled, it is HIGHLY unlikely that the April 8th/9th dates are accurate.

Well that is too bad :frowning: I was hoping to see it on 4/8. I kind of figured it might not be accurate though. We will have to see I guess! Thanks for your insight.

I’ve heard from Imagineers that Imagineering isn’t handing over the land Park Ops (the people who run the rides) until April 17. April 9 is the date I heard for the second level of CMs training. It’s unlikely to see AP/DVC previews before then, if those dates hold.

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Ah, I see @bswan26 and I have heard the same dates. So yeah, those seem to be reasonable.

Changed the title. This is a RUMOR ONLY. Grain of salt. Thanks @len and @bswan26 for chiming in.