RUMOR - Major EE Refurb in FY15 including Yeti Repair

Been over in WDWMagic world this AM and there is an interesting thread. According to a "trusted insider" (our friend Tikiman), EE is slated for a major refurb in FY 2015, that will include returning the Yeti to full motion. In case the link takes you to page 1 of the thread, jump to page 42 (how appropriate) and scroll about halfway down to Tikiman's post. Still "rumor", but Tikiman rarely puts out info that he doesn't feel confident in...


Very interesting - thanks for sharing!

Yes! Very interesting!

If its down during our trip I will have a majorly disappointed DH. Thamks for the heads up.

That is a very interesting post from a respected source. I really hope that it is true.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that one of the reasons the yeti doesn't work is it shakes things up too much at expedition Everest. If that is the case I am not sure it will worm unless they do something to strengthen the foundations and supports. But I could be wrong.

Makes little sense to do it at this point. Keep it open until Avatar opens then you have another super-headliner to ease the closing

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That would be great. My family was lucky enough to ride during a soft opening and got to see the Yeti swipe his arm just past our head. We yelled and ducked. Very exciting!

That would be great, I'd suffer thru a long refurb or missing EE a trip to have her working again. the ride was spectacular with the Yeti in full working mode.

Her?? The Disco Yeti is a dude, and gets very upset when emasculated

I have read similar things, Jedilogray. The Yeti itself works. But it's movement caused the foundation it rests upon to fracture. Keeping it in operation would cause catastrophic damage, and perhaps an eventual collapse. That's why fixing the Yeti is not as simple as replacing some broken wires or the motors that make it move. With cracks appearing in the concrete base just weeks after EE opened, it appears there was a major design flaw in the construction.
The Yeti will need to be removed so that it's foundation can be repaired and improved. A rather large undertaking to be sure.

All this is BTW, is my opinion based on reports i have read, that seem to have the most credibility. Anyone else that has info is welcome to add or disagree.

love that website! havn't been by there in a while.

but his 'momma' aka Joe Rhodes referred to her as a her several times.

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Betty in DAK, Harold at Matterhorn