Rule of Thumb for MK during Boo Bash

I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I have an October trip planned and am trying to figure out the crowd calendar. Is the MK less crowded the day of Boo Bash or the day after Boo Bash?

Since Boo Bash is an after hours event, not a party that causes MK to close early, I don’t think the effect on the day’s CL will be as pronounced. There will certainly be a more crowded last couple of park hours during the overlap time, when Boo Bash people can enter before the actual start of Boo Bash.


I would think MK would be less crowded in the morning on the day of a Boo Bash event. If you have park hopper, I say hit up MK on Boo Bash day and then park hope somewhere else that afternoon. If you don’t have park hopper, then I would say go the day after an event.

Sounds like a great plan, thank you!

True, thank you!

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