RPR question

We are at RPR for 2 nights in early October. We arrive late on a tues (probably will get to hotel by about 10pm) and then will spend the whole next day on Wed in the parks and then will go back to the parks Thurs AM before checking out to check in over at WDW. I am now regretting that we won’t have any pool/resort time really at all. For an extra $200 in flight fees and my kids missing one more day of school (will be 7th and 3rd grade), I could switch our flights to a morning flight on tuesday which would give us a noon arrival time. Worth it or are we good with the time we have? Not sure what to do! I hate second guessing myself.

Up to you for the cost. I love RPR but I most likely would use that time the first day at the parks and just take a pool break the next day but that would add another ticket day?

You will have express pass since you are staying at RPR so you will accomplish a lot in the parks and RPR is also so close to the parks that it would be easy to take an afternoon break on Wednesday to enjoy some pool time.

Good point. I guess I will price out how much a 3rd Park day is

True as well. Yes it does come down to whether or not my kids want to miss an extra day of school or not. They are kind of the opposite of most kids and don’t want to miss school because they don’t like getting behind and have a lot of work to make up.

That’s awesome your kids are like that. Mine tried to convince me he didn’t need to go to school this week (last 1.5 days of the year).

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I changed the flight this morning. I will still keep 2 day tickets and just use thursday morning now to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast and swim a bit before checking out and moving over to WDW. Should be much less rushed.

Anyone know the check out time for RPR?

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I thought it was 11?

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