Royal table vs Akershus

Does anyone have any insight into which one is best? We have been to the Royal table before- the food was not great BUT our daughters loved the fact that it was IN the castle and that the princesses we’re so attentive.
I’ve read great things about Akershus but not sure what to do…
We go again next May and my husband is adamant that we take the girls back to the Royal table. I’ve said that I’ve heard Akershus is very good but he thinks that they would be more impressed by RT as its in the castle…

Any views??

If you only do it once, CRT is the way to go; however, if you’ve done CRT, Akershus is a great alternative. We found the princess visits to be about the same, but we definitely preferred the food at Akershus. They also do a parade with the kids at Akershus (at least they did when we were there), which they have not done when we were at CRT.

Akershus & CRT are both pretty great. How old are your girls? Are they more into the immersive experience than the food?
I think CRT is a slightly more special experience. The location can’t be beat.
Akershus is a really lovely location too, but some rooms are better than others for making you feel like you’re inside a castle.
If the girls are old enough to help decide, (unless it’s a surprise of course), they may have a preference if they see pictures and the menus.
I just polled my 9 year old DD. She voted for CRT. :smile: :blush: She thinks it’s more elegant.
I hope that helps a little!

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Thank you that does help … Girls will be 7, 4 and 1 on our trip. It’s a surprise but I’m pretty sure they’d say the castle. I guess got this we need to choose experience over food quality as its for them not the grown ups!!

Our girls are 7 and 4. We are doing CRT again instead of Akershus. We have done CRT twice and Akershus once a few years ago. I actually thought the food at CRT (lobster at breakfast) was better than what we had at lunch at Akershus.

I agree that the experience at CRT was better. Going up the stairs, the lights, etc. The castle is the main feature of MK. I recall our 4 year old at the time saying that she was inside the castle at the start of every Disney movie.

Frankly I can’t really say that either place is worth the money.

Akershus is a very good experience, particularly for the money. It’s tough to beat the Castle in terms of location, but the food at Akershus is better in my experience, and I’ve also found the princess interaction to be better at Akershus, for whatever that’s worth. Particularly if you’ve never done it before, it’s definitely worth a try.