Royal Pacific - room fridge already filled? and walk to parks?

After going back and forth between RPR and Cabana Bay we just decided it was worth the extra money (about $50/day) for the Express Passes and the closer walk and stay at RPR.

Does anyone know if ALL the rooms have finished being refurbished?

I had been looking forward to the Cabana Bay “family suite” with the sink, microwave and mini fridge and the extra space – however we really won’t be in the room very much and would only really eat breakfast and store snacks. I read somewhere that the Royal Pacific fridge comes loaded with mini bar type stuff… is that still true? I would want to use it for my stuff, not their overpriced temptations!

Also, I know it’s really a short walk to get from RPR to IOA – is it just a bit farther to USF? This is our first trip!


Hi, we are here now and tower one is completed. I’ve also heard tower 3 is complete. The fridge just has 4 bottles of water in it that I took out and replaced with our stuff! If you take a taxi or uber just down the road there is every store imaginable and can get snacks and milk, OJ there.
As far as being close, it is amazing. A short 5 minute walk to city walk, 10 minutes to parks! Or the water taxi will drop you off in the center of city walk. Very convenient! Maybe use the money you’re not using for the suite for a rental car. We’ve gone out to dinner of of the complex and have gotten breakfast every morning from dunkin donuts wawa McDonald’s… Much cheaper than hotel restaurants.

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Thanks so much! I have seen several reviews noting to request a Tower One room, so that is what I will do! (We did rent a car and will stop by and get some snacks & breakfast options.)
Can’t wait!

Beware car parking costs are extra $20 per night. We are returning our rental when arriving onsite

If returning the car rental, what vendor did you use and where /how do you return it when arriving onsite?

Haven’t done it yet. don’t visit until April Hertz is the onsite company. We pick up at airport and I believe there is a desk in the hotel lobby for us to return our car keys to after check in. As uni is within a certain distance (10/15 miles?) there is no additional charge for this service. Once your pick up /drop off points are are certain distance apart there is an extra charge added. Our initial plan was to drop everyone off at RPR then 1 of us would return car to airport and pay $20 for mears hotel shuttle back.But Hertz prices were really good so just booked for hotel drop off instead. I did book 6 months in advance and am from UK so different rule apply to our car hire.

Thank you. I’ll have to play around with returning it and re-renting it back for trip back to WDW for best pricing. We are sandwiching universal between WDW. My kid couldnt stop laughing when i called it sandwich: WDW is bread and Uni is the meat.