Royal Pacific Laundry?

What laundry options are there for Royal Pacific? I know they have machines you can use. Do you feel like it’s a good number of machines for the size of the hotel?

Is there an option for sending our laundry off at this hotel? I’ve never done that before but the upcharge could be worth it to spend more time in the parks.

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I don’t know the answer to your question but hopefully someone else will step in! I usually only stay at UOR for a few days and save my laundry for when we are staying in a DVC unit with in-room washer/dryer.


Thanks! We’re headed to another hotel to finish out the week at Busch Gardens Tampa and for us to meet up with my parents, siblings and nieces and nephews. I’m hoping to do laundry before we see them because those occasions are rare!

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There were a good amount of washers and dryers; we did not have to wait to use them. You download an app and can see availability, pay, and see when your load is done. You do have to walk outside to get to the laundry room (took us awhile to figure out where it was :crazy_face:).


Oh this is such good information! That’s nice that they have an app. I’m amused that we’ll need to go outside for laundry. Thank you for the tip!