Royal couples breakfast

Has anyone been to the new Royal Couples breakfast at Trattoria at the Boardwalk resort? We have reservations for this but was wondering if it was worth missing early hours at Epcot. Thanks :smiley:

I don’t think it starts until April 2nd.

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Hvaen’t been to the character breakfast. enjoyed our meal there last year – its a nice restaurant. But I don’t personally think any breakfast would be worth missing the early hours at Epcot

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I didn’t know the actual starting date, that would explain why nothing has been posted about it. :grin: Thank you!

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VikeQueen, my thoughts exactly but trying to reason with a 5 year old can be tough. Lol :joy: I think we are picking Epcot instead of breakfast.

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Just wondering if anyone has a review now that this has opened. We are looking at either this or Akershus. I currently have a reservation at Akershus but the kids are leaning towards this one due to Flynn and Prince Eric. We originally booked Akershus as we’ve done it before and enjoyed the breakfast and the girls wanted a photo with Belle in her gold dress. Is there anywhere else to meet Belle in gold if we do decide to change. If we do change, we wouldn’t be doing it on our Epcot day. We would do it on a day we are not scheduled to be in a park.

That much I can help with! You can get a photo with her in her yellow dress at the Enchanted Tales With Belle attraction in MK.

Not sure about reviews re: the breakfast, but I’m interested in them too. We have it booked for August!


This was great! Thank you!!

Kenny’s site is the best for all things character-related!

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Thank you so much! Loved reading about your experience.

I didn’t write it, but glad I could point y’all in a good direction!

Can’t you only get a photo if you’re in the show? We haven’t done it but I’m sure I’ve read that.

I have heard that as well, but I’ve also seen people who were not in the show step up for a photo, so I think it’s possible.

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When we went there were quite a few children not in the show and they let those children go up for a photo with Belle.

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