Roughness of Universal Coasters

How “rough” are Universal Coasters? I’m not talking about “scary” or “big drops”. I’m wondering how “beat up” you feel during the ride. Are turns jerky or smooth? Are drops harsh at the bottom? Do you feel like you’re getting tossed around in your seat?

Which ones are worse than others?

From videos, it seems to me that Hagrid and Velocicoaster, while “intense” look smooth - especially since there are so new. I feel like the newer a coaster is, the more smooth it is. Am I correct?


Buttery smooth. No being bashed about at all.


I love coasters but I am trying to accept the fact that last September was the last time I can do Hulk or RRR. They both tend to hit the back of my head (no matter what I do) and scramble my brain. A few years ago I could wait in line and do Hulk front row. I don’t know if it is me or the coasters.

VC is so smooth that I can do that once a day. Hagrid’s I could do multiple times a day.

Of course, I am old.


RRR was horrible - I’m not particularly sensitive about coasters, but it was a “never again” for me.

Everything else I was good with (Velocicoaster wasn’t open yet). Hagrids is super smooth, Hulk is intense but I didn’t find it particularly jerky (YDS was obsessed so we rode it many many times).


Hagrid, Veloci, Hippogryph, Nuthouse, Mummy, and Gringotts are all very smooth.

Hulk’s outer seats can be a little rough, depends on the wear of the wheels I’ve found.

HRRR is shaky, I’d avoid.

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I would rank Hulk the worst, then RRR, then Mummy, Velocicoaster, and finally Hagrid’s best.


RRR is pretty rough. I don’t find Hulk rough.

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Yeah, I agree with you…Hulk isn’t rough but the g-forces are stronger than RRR. RRR is very rough. If you ride it ask for front row as it makes a big diff for me.


Same for me. I’m not sure I could do RRR anymore. My head was really hurting last time I tried. I can still do Hulk though.


I asked DS13 to get his perspective too. He puts the rank of hardest to least at RRR, Mummy, Hagrid’s and the Hulk. Said his head snaps on Hagrid’s (I disagree with this). But Velocicoaster is smooth as silk.

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Not surprising. We have discussed before. But I could ride RRR all day. Hulk, I need a break after one ride.

Yes we have very different opinions on roughness.

I found Hulk and RRR to be about equally rough. My head felt banged up and the G forces were intense. It was fun once, but not really worth doing again, IMO.

I could ride Hagrid’s all day. Velocicoaster is smooth enough to ride all day, but you need a break in between because it’s such a rush.


Also: HRRR is just a bad coaster with bad pacing. There I said it.


Ok. Seems to be consensus that velosicoaster and hagrid are smooth. Those are the ones I care about most!!


Hulk and RRR both give me a headache. Still glad I rode them, still fun, but they do hurt a bit.

@RotR — your avatar has been really unfortunately cropped, and every time I see it, I see this:



Hi all, I’m back after a hiatus! We’re finally booked for our Universal trip in June! We had to cancel our trip two years ago…

I love roller coasters (ridden 120). If I don’t prepare by doing planks, stomach strengthening exercises, etc., then I’m going to get more beat up riding coasters. Yes — some coasters are definitely worse than others but your personal strength is also important.

I originally found those strengthening exercises on a chiropractor’s website after a Google search. He was specifically talking about exercises to do to help with riding coasters.

I’m sharing this in case it helps anyone else!