ROTR looks to break down daily

How is everyone handling what appears to be common these days. I notice ROTS is “OFFLINE”, are people staying in line, waiting it out? What if your ILL is during the break down. HS seems to be a difficult these days.


We waited out a 1.5 hour down one night in the standby line one night. A lot of people bailed, but we were just tired and content to sit and wait. The people in front of us waited out too. But at the end of the evening it seems easier to do than in the morning. I wasn’t missing out on much else so it was a reasonable trade off.


The ride is a lot more reliable than it used to be, and when it does break down, it’s usually back up within half an hour. I’d stick it out.

You will be able to redeem it any time that day, or if it doesn’t come back online, they may automatically refund you or offer a gift card. You can always visit a Guest Services umbrella to resolve that situation in a way that is preferable to you.

I have waited it out, outside in the rain.

I will say my personal track record for this ride is particularly poor. I’ve been evacuated off of it, I’ve been stuck for 1/2 hour in the area before you board the ride vehicles, and I’ve waited in the rain for it.

If you are on it and it breaks down, they will give you a ILL to ride it later. It was also raining when we exited and they passed out ponchos too.

During the 1/2 hour wait, they asked if anyone had reservations (we had to leave the park), and they escorted us out and offered us ILL to use on any ride. We were literally leaving the park to go get our luggage and fly home so we declined but they asked us multiple times.

I had G+ for three other rides during my recent trip when the rides broke down, and all converted to anytime ILL. One was later at night and converted to an ILL that could be used at any park the next day as well.

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