RotR kiosk better chance?

We are coming for 1 day only from Canada on Sun, Feb 23. We have 1 shot to get on this ride. I watched a Disneyland vlog where they got to the Splash Mountain Kiosks 1st and got BG 1. My husband and I can walk to Disneyland from our hotel early to be first at the ropes. Should we try this? Or should we race over to the Tomorrowland kiosks? We could also have our phones ready to go? I am just worried that we might not get on but if we are first at the kiosk I think we will have a better chance. Thoughts?

I saw someone on chat who tried to use the paper machines on opening day and it sounded like a massacre - too many people and too few machines, and lots of machines eating tickets or not recognizing guests as in the park, etc.

If you are really first to the machines, you probably will be good to go, but phone has higher reliability and speed. So definitely have at least one person solely dedicated to the phone if you’re going to try for a machine.