ROTR Help--I have 1 shot at this!

I had no phone service on the plane.

Ah. Gotcha.

I wonder if one could be successful if on the plane’s wifi. :thinking:

Thanks for the example and response. It really helps explain it.

I would imagine but it would have cost me $

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Glad to help!

Ok, I finally looked into your explanation more. I guess there are actually 3 methods to join.

Here you start from the “My Queue’s” page on this one that you described:

It looks like this:

And here you start from the “Join VIrtual Queue” page (swiping to refresh):

Which looks like:

Now, my method is not going to any of those screens, but hitting Join from the home screen at 7.

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Here the TP guys use the swipe method: (starting from the “Join VIrtual Queue” page)

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I ain’t fixin what ain’t broke. I’ve only missed in practice twice - once on the first day and once when the app wanted a reboot. I appreciate there being multiple ways to do the thing but I will stick with what I know. Just because I have 79 days to try something else doesn’t mean I will. I’m stubborn.


Stubborn but wise

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