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Are there any thoughts on how early the buses run from POFQ to HS? Obviously we’d like to be in the park at opening to secure a BG but if the buses don’t run until 7 am we won’t be at the gate until 725.



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We are trying for the same thing, day 2. We left Polynesian via LYFT at 5:45am because their buses don’t start running until 45 minutes prior to park opening. We got group 118 and never got called back (they only got up to 89). We are trying again tomorrow and this time scheduling our LYFT. But, the whole thing seems dramatic and has no bearing on getting a boarding pass. You just have to be past the gates. In addition, they kept us roped off and away from Guest Relations on Sunset BLVD, so we were on our own. We got 2 error messages before securing our pass that never happened, lol and no one could have helped if they wanted to. Here some pics of in front and behind us while we waiting for over an hour for the gates to open, then another hour on Sunset BLVD. image|375x500

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Thanks for this, we may have to book a LYFT etc…Was this today (Feb 17)? What time did you get to the park? CN

I thought I had read plentiful accounts of folks taking buses to the park with time to spare this past week…

If you are staying at a Disney resort, do you get free parking at the parks?


That was this past Sunday, Feb 16th. We did NOT get on :frowning: . We got a boarding pass but they didn’t get up to us. We are here again this morning-take 2, lol. We are staying at The Riveria and booked a Lyft to get us here so I can’t comment on parking for today. We got here ahead of cast members today… all so silly because we know it has no effect on getting a boarding pass (other than being IN the park by 8:00am). Wish us luck! Good news… while standing here we got a Light Saber reservation!! That was something we didn’t expect. Good luck!!

We caught a 6:00 am bus (North Depot) at Port Orleans on 2/1 (7:00 am park opening, Saturday, rainy, crowd level 3). There were buses prior to that time per MDE. We only had one other person waiting at the bus stop with us. We were at the park by 6:25 am, 1 minute to get through security (no bags), 2 minutes to tap in. Sat in the light rain for 30 minutes waiting for 7:00 park opening. Got BG 41 for RotR. They got through 143 boarding groups that day.

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We will be staying at the poly end of March and need to use the buses (one in our group using an ECV). What time did you get to HS using the bus? Did you confirm with the bus driver or front desk that the first one comes 45 minutes before park opening? I thought I had seen that the first ones usually pick up an hour before.

It is usually 1hr.

Yes, you get free parking at the parks if you’re staying at a Disney resort.

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I got my information about the bus timing from the front desk. I can say from 5:45-6:00 am there was nothing running and several families were using LYFT, UBER, and Taxis to depart. It was a 10/10 at all parks that day so keep that in mind. We were able to get BG 15 today and were called about 8:30 am to ride.

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That’s great news! Congrats!!!