RotR & breakfast ADR at DHS

What time is the earliest reservation for breakfast at Hollywood and Vine under the current Rise of the Resistance boarding regime? Has anyone tried to use an ADR as a strategy to get into the park ahead of the crowds? I understand it doesn’t improve chances for the lottery when the boarding groups open, but thought it might be a less stressful way into the park, avoiding some of the crush of humanity.

Currently H&V opens at 8am. I had a 8am PPO ADR for H&V a few months back, but then they moved the park opening to 8am, making it somewhat useless.

Here is some advise I got at the time:

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There’s nothing wrong with getting the PPO reservation and then cancelling it if the park ends up opening early. You can even modify and ditch the reservation the day of if it comes to that. But so far they have been relatively useless if your goal is to get a RotR BG.

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And HS opens at 7 AM - at least through this week…

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I had this same idea and am planning on keeping the res until they announce updated park hours. I would be shocked if it’s still a 9 am open.