ROTR Boarding Time

With the new updated availability of tickets in May, I was able to score a HS reservation on the day of my arrival (YAY!). My flight will land at 2:20 PM - then I’ll need to get my car rental, do grocery pickup, checkin to the hotel. Realistically, I estimate 4:30 is the earliest I’ll be able to get to HS…

If I get a BG in the morning and don’t arrive until 4:30, can I still use it? I’ve read you can use the BG after, just not before. I want to make sure before I take the chance from someone else.

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You can arrive any time after your BG and it will be honored.


It shouldn’t be a problem. We left the park because of a rainstorm and came back about three hours after our initial BG was called and didn’t have a problem getting in.

Yes you will be able to arrive late. My question is - what time does your flight leave? Make sure you have good WiFi and multiple people trying to get your BG at 7am Eastern!

That part I have figured out – I’ve been practicing for a month and a half :rofl:

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And solo trip - so no backups to help to get a BG…no pressure :upside_down_face:

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