Rose & Crown - Thurs 11/6 - 7:15pm - 8 people

I’m going to be canceling my ADR for Rose & Crown - Thursday November 6 - 7:15 pm - 8 people. This is a really good time for trying to get a patio Illuminations-view table for a group. Would anyone like it?

I see you are going with your second plan. I hope someone here could use it.

I am! Or at least I think I am. The group all decided that they are sure they’d prefer Raglan Road on arrival day over Sanaa, so I’ve already cancelled that Sanaa reservation. The travel from POFQ is just easier. Doing Rose and Crown and Raglan Road as 2 of 3 ADRs for the trip just doesn’t make sense, and everyone still really wants to eat at Sanaa, so I guess that locks us into the new plan for Thursday. I’m kind of sad to give up this R&C ADR though. I got up really early to snag that prime time! I’ll feel better about it if someone from Lines takes it.

Last call on this! I’m going to cancel it tomorrow if I don’t get any takers.