Rose & Crown Fireworks Dining Package

Has anyone been able to book this recently? It’s been opening up day by day at 60 days, but it doesn’t actually have any available times yet. I clicked back through December and January and couldn’t find any available times either. Thanks!


Something has changed with this reservation since last time we visited in May 2022. I was able to reserve this at 60 + 10 days out for our stay right at 6:00am ET when other ADRs opened. I’m really confused now as it only seems to open up one day at a time and I have no idea what time of the day it opens? I had been checking all day today and it now has opened for Feb 11 and no availability. Is it booked already? I really hope someone can explain! I would love to get a reservation for the week of Feb 10-17.

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I spoke to Signature Services earlier this week and was told there are only 8 tables and it’s booking up immediately.

I’m not sure if it’s true or not, so I keep checking and have alerts set just in case.

I just wish I knew what time of the day each day that they release these tables as it is not at 6:00 am like all the other restaurants. They opened up Feb 11 sometime between 3:00pm and 8:00pm today. I guess I’ll keep trying throughout the day again tomorrow and set reminders. We did get a table for a party of 6 in May and there looked to be maybe 15 to 20 tables that night as part of the fireworks dining package. Most tables were 2 to 4 people. It is worth it if you can get it, we had so much fun, great view, drinks and dinner!

Wow! They are leaving money on the table. Literally. I just did the package last week and it did seem they were only seating package people against the rail on the top deck. As showtime neared they lead each table down to another table on the lower level of the patio to watch. I was shocked they weren’t packing every single patio table on both levels. There were also people being seated on the patio without dining packages, just not against the front rail.

In these kinds of situations, I use the paid reservation finders. Peace of mind and I only have to rush when I get the text.