Rose & Crown Epcot

I have just managed to get a ADR for Rose & Crown in Epcot for 7.45pm what are the chances of being seated outside to watch the fireworks at this time?

Just a quick update I’ve have changed it to 7.20pm thought might give us a bit more time👍 Hope I’ve done right on this one

We did R & C twice and both times lucked out with outside seating…once on the railing and once along the wall. I don’t know when the show starts when your going (9 PM or 9:30 PM) but we arrived on the short side of 90 minutes before the show.

As long as we kept eating and drinking and drinking no one gave us a second look. Having the chef sit with you once also helped …on the second visit we were told the waiter upfront were’ staying for the show…

You can always ask when you get there, they may say you have to wait a bit but if your ADR is 7.20 you have enough leeway to be there for fireworks.

Yes that’s what I thought that’s why I changed it to 720 because I can afford to wait around for a table if possible and if all fails I’ve got a ADR for Via Napoli a few days before at 7.10 so can find a good spot and watch fireworks that way👍 Thanks for responding

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I think we had a 7:20 or 7:30 reservation in August. We told them we would wait for a table outside and that we wanted to wait to see illuminations. They told us there were no guarantees but we were seated along the railing and didn’t wait long at all. Our waitress had no issue with us lingering and taking our time in order to stay for illuminations. We ordered appetizers to share, then our main dish and then dessert. Perfect timing! We left a nice tip as well for our waitress. Enjoy!!


I agree as long as you are prepared to wait you should get a table that allows you to watch, if you don’t want to wait and get a table to the side there is a really good viewing area on the deck which you can use (drinks in hand)

I’ve also seen people grab a table that became empty just before the fireworks and move their check to that table.



Thanks for response this is the only resturant we have booked that looks like it could be hit or miss on the night fingers crossed we are seated outside but if not I’m sure the viewing area would be great also plus we will be doing Epcot 2 or 3 times anyway so sure we will catch fireworks somehow👍

Other resturants booked at Epcot are Teppan Edo and Via Napoli both booked for 730ish :grinning: