Rose and Crown?

Anyone eaten here before? Thoughts

I had roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. It should have been called London broil and a roll. Had the real thing in England and know the difference.

I ate there last December. I made a 2:10 ADR because I wanted to have a big lunch befor MVMCP. It was the longest lunch I have ever had! I could never figure out why. I actually had a liner meet in the restaurant because another liner was posting about her two hour lunch! I enjoyed my meal. We had the scotch egg, bangers and mashed and the steak with Yorkshire pudding with a side of peas. All the food was great and I would return, but I would allow more time!

I went in January and had the Shepherds Pie and Sticky Pudding - OMW! so yummy!!! I highly recommend it!

Bangers and mash is one of my favorite pub dishes; R&C’s was adequate but not spectacular. I love the fish and chips at the CS, so if they’re the same inside I’d recommend them. IMHO Raglan Road is a better “pub” on virtually all counts.