Rose and Crown Reservation Timing for Illuminations

We have Rose & Crown dining reservations (for 4) at 6:50. We would like to stay to view Illuminations at 9:00. Is this too early? Will they shoo us away after a certain point? We don’t want to be the pesky family that won’t leave. Any insight would be helpful. Our trip is in early January.

I do not think it is too early. If you are requesting the patio you will have to wait. I do not know why but my meals at R &C always last at least two hours!


The Unofficial Guide recommendation is to make a reservation for 1 hour 15 minutes before Illuminations and then show up a few minutes before your slot to request a table with a good view. 6:50 is pretty early - I would have a tough time stretching a R&C dinner out for that long. I would suggest ordering drinks, the ordering apps, then ordering more drinks, then ordering dinner - if you rack up a big enough bill you will not be considered to be taking up valuable table space.

Also, check out the TP Reservation Finder and see if you can get a reservation for around 7:45.

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How did you make out with the 6:50 reservation and illuminations viewing? We are going next week and have 7:00 one night and 7:20 another. Which would be better?

Not sure if you saw the other 5htead.

There is a new dining package at the Rose and Crown for Illuminations.

So an ordinary reservation won’t give you access to the terrace, certainly not a table out there.

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