Rose and Crown Fireworks

My wife and I are seriously looking to book Rose and Crown Fireworks package for September. It looks like it may be difficult reservation to get at 60 days, so we might try for later in the week. But my question has to do with weather. If the fireworks are cancelled due to weather, what happens? The website isn’t clear, and they say if you cancel there is no refund…but there is honestly zero point in booking it at all if not for the fireworks.

Do they allow you to view another fireworks on another night or something? It would seem prudent to book it earlier in the trip rather than later if that is the case.

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Good question! I do not know, but I assume like most things, Disney says “no refunds” and means it, but if you ask really nicely at Guest Services, they might grant a “one-time exception.” So I would plan to not get a refund and be pleasantly surprised if you do.

That said, you don’t pay until you get there, and can cancel in advance (or when you show up, say you just want to eat without getting fireworks package – I think that works?). So if the forecast is particularly bad the night you are there, you could scale back or reschedule.

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To my knowledge fireworks aren’t ever cancelled, just delayed. Something about it being more dangerous to disassemble once it’s been loaded and ready to go?


I question whether the fireworks package is really necessary if your goal is to watch the fireworks from a table at Rose & Crown in September. I could be wrong, but – I went to R&C in July 2022 and they were far from full for dinner. When we finished our meal, our server invited us to stay until fireworks. She basically said it would be fine for us to just order some drinks and sip slowly and stay there for close to 3 hours! We said thanks, but no thanks. But I definitely didn’t need a dining package to stay, or even to get a table at a timer closer to fireworks.

Another thought: you could reserve the fireworks package and have your wife try to make a regular dinner reservation for the same date. If you can get a regular reservation at your ideal time, cancel the package. If you can’t get the regular reservation, keep the package. But I don’t see what the package offers that’s really better than ordering what you actually want from the menu, especially since there are no refunds regardless of weather.


Interesting. That works…unless it storms all night until 2 am!

We know we could just book Rose and Crown, but we like the idea of not having to stake out a spot and fight crowds. We were planning to eat at Rose and Crown, so we thought we could make this our one splurge for the trip, since we haven’t yet seen Luminous, nor eaten at Rose and Crown. But with weather in September I would hate to spend the money specifically for the fireworks only to end up not being able to see them. The fireworks package has to be cancelled 24 hours ahead of time to be refunded, which doesn’t help with weather.

I suppose we can do as @ChallahMonster suggested and book the package and the restaurant, and if the weather forecast looks iffy the day before cancel then and just do the restaurant.


When we were there in May of 2022 the fireworks at EPCOT were cancelled.

We had just headed back to EPCOT after a break at our resort (Pop). My two went to get lavender lemonade and I stood in line at Les Halles for sandwiches and the sky fell out. Like torrential downpour. After abut 20 minutes, everything settled down and it sprinkled on and off.

By this time it was almost 9 (fireworks time if I’m remembering) and they said fireworks delayed. Then every 5-10 minutes for over an hour they announced delayed. Then they said the fireworks would be starting in 10 minutes. Everyone cheered. Then 5 minutes later they cancelled the fireworks.

Everyone was bummed as we had all been standing in the mist for over an hour waiting.


I thought the whole point of Luminous is that it can be viewed from anywhere?


I would consider just booking regular dinner at Rose and Crown closer to fireworks time. They do have an area that they will escort you to that is a private viewing area - even if you don’t have the dining package. That gives you a little bit more flexibility for cancellation and a cheaper cancellation policy as well.

They did the Magic Kingdom fireworks in the rain during my last trip. I had the fireworks package where you watch from the garden. It actually worked in my favor because I was able to wait until the last minute, throw my poncho on, and head to the garden


Really? Is this the same location as the fireworks package guests? And how close would it need to be to the fireworks?

The main reason we were considering this (since we already wanted to eat there and also see the fireworks) is just to eliminate the headache/stress of finding a spot. My wife is 5 ft tall (on a good day), and while in March we did end up lucking into a good spot to watch HEA, it was stressful.

We thought doing this package becomes a bit of a splurge, while eliminating the stress of finding a spot ahead time or camping out.

Maybe it is all unnecessary in the end. Maybe in early September crowds will be low enough that finding a spot wouldn’t be a problem. But we can’t know that.

The only stress with the package is really just the bad weather scenario.


I think this is a very fair assumption. And you don’t have to be up close to the lake like you did for Harmonious. Having a nice seat and not being crowded in is something I would pay for. So if that comes with the Rose and Crown package it’s a decent value- if you’re eating there anyway.

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True. I wonder if you get a voucher for another night to view :thinking: This seems like the fair thing to do. Or to refund the difference in bill vs package. You could try a chat with guest services.

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If we weren’t doing the package, we probably would just order an entree and dessert. The package also includes a starter, and “unlimited” basic alcoholic drinks. But…I don’t care for any type of beer or wine, so I am not sure I would partake. So, for me, the value in this really comes down to the ease of the fireworks view! That’s really the complicating factor.

Maybe…I book R & C for our arrival day, as we were originally planning l, and see what getting a fireworks view is like. I can book the fireworks package for 60+4 days. If we end up being fine on our arrival day, then I can just cancel the package I guess.


I think those fireworks package guests sit at their tables outside? This was a deck to the left of the restaurant. I didn’t take any picture of the fireworks because I used my gopro to film them but I’ll find that footage. Here’s a pic from the deck though:


Like you mentioned it’s a difficult reservation to get, so there it’s unlikely there’s another night they can move you to.

I haven’t done this at R&C but did the SRT version earlier this year. We loved it. Great food, bottomless beer/wine/mimosas, and wonderful service. When you see the area it makes sense that it books quickly. If I remember correctly, only 8 tables are roped off for the fireworks package. It’s worth noting the four tables on the rail are 4-ups. So the 2-ups didn’t have quite as good of a view. Unlike R&C, the entire area is covered. Good for weather, not as good for unobstructed views.


The food at SRT appeals to me much more. But since most of the show is up I would find the roof structure in my way.

We’re the opposite. SRT is not our taste, but the food at Rose and Crown looks really good!


Its good as far as quality goes. We’ve eaten there twice. To me it’s comfort food-ish. And now that I don’t have to cater to kids that don’t want exotic variety outside of the occasional taco, I’m really into trying all the unique to me foods.
But the food at R&C was very good. Not complaining about the food at all.