Rose and Crown Fireworks package

Does anyone know what the seating is like for the Rose and Crown fireworks package is like if it rains? Will there still be a decent view of the fireworks, and if for some reason the weather is bad enough to cancel the fireworks will you be refunded? I’m tempted to book. Thanks in advance for any experiences you can share with this package

We just did this last week. The tables are right on the water so no obstructions. We checked in at 8 and we’re the 5th or 6th table seated. The view is from the side so you don’t see the center projection ring but you see the taco screens and fireworks. Food was excellent, service was painfully slow to start (drinks took 45 minutes and we got our entrees mid-show, over 1 hour after sitting down). There is a roof covering the tables, but we did have ashes from the fireworks blow onto us. We would definitely do it again if Epcot changes fireworks shows (not a fan of Harmonious).

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Thank you for the feedback. I’m waiting for my reservation window to open shortly so I’m going to try for it. Although my husband won’t wait 45 min for a beer, he usually goes to the bar himself when that happens!

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So, i got it for the last night of our trip, which ended up being 60 + 10, no dates prior to that were available. I reserved for 5, but my Mother is undecided if she will come, we may only be 4. I hope Disney will let me modify this later to drop 1 from the reservation if she can’t come.

View and menu (sorry about the lighting but it was red with the heaters). It is covered and it is worth it as honestly you get unlimited drinks from that menu and the food is decent. Plus no dealing with crowds which causes me anxiety. If I go ahead I’m gonna try for Spice Road Table as I’ve never eaten there but Mediterranean food is more up my alley and I’m hoping maybe you can see the star gate from the back side? Worth a shot. Is that one still being offered to?

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Thank you for this ! i’ve only ever been to the pub for drinks at Rose n Crown, very excited to try this!

We might try this on our next trip. Looks like a decent view and sitting at the end of the day is great. For bad weather, you will not be refunded. There is fine print that this is a dining experience and fireworks are not guaranteed. Back in the FP days, we had that situation with another dining package and they gave us FPs for the next night. But without FP viewing for Harmonious, I suspect you’d be out of luck. You could always bump and run if the weather looks bad on day of.

Unfortunately it looks like this package has a 48 hour cancellation policy so I think you’d be able to modify the day of.

Thanks for pointing that out

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I got a MouseWatcher alert this morning at 1:48am CDT for Spice Road Table Fireworks Dining Package for 6/17 which is less than 60 days out now(55 to be exact). I’ve been checking every day and it wasn’t available yesterday nor is 1:48am (aka 248am Eastern) the normal dining release time…so for those trying to get these Harmonious dining packages they are not necessarily available even 60 days out let alone 60+10 and they do not release at the normal dining opening time of 6am Eastern online.


fyi, i did this last night i got the shepard pie, and i tried the fish and chips, which were both excellent, the cheese and cracker appetizer was excellent as well, didn’t care for the deserts, had plenty of beer refills, unfortunately it was very windy, a strong thunderstorm rolled in and the show was cancelled, was definitely a disappointment, even under the awning we still got a little wet, they do have clear plastic tent like walls they roll down but it took a few minutes for the staff to get them all closed. Luckily we did get to see Harmonious from Hacienda San Angel Restaurant earlier in the trip, but beware that Weather can disrupt this experience and fireworks are not guaranteed, we did get to see some impressive lightening strikes though

i don’t know if it was just because it was a Friday night but the Rose and Crown felt more like a college bar scene, it was packed, the whole UK pavilion was a zoo which was interesting because the crowds felt generally low and manageable the rest of the trip