Rope Dropping MK While Staying Offsite - Monorail or Ferry?

6 adults, 2 kids, going thanksgiving week & 1st time staying offsite.

Plan is to rope drop each day avoiding EMH where possible. However, not exactly sure how to RD Magic Kingdom with a 9am opening when there’s a monorail & ferry involved. I was thinking i want to be there no later than 7:15 am but don’t want to be stuck on the other side of the pond if all forms of transportation available to me doesn’t start running until a later time.
Is there an option to drive to the magic kingdom gate or somewhere within its vicinity, have my DH drop us off, then have him park the car and take the monorail/ferry to join us?

Any advice on the best way to handle will help immensely!

I don’t know the specifics but I’ve been told the Resort loop of the monorail opens in time to get people to early morning breakfasts at resorts and MK. I would think that means its running my 7.30am if not earlier.


Yep - it does! Get there early and use the resort loop.


The Monorail will be running an hour before park opening, and the Ferry 30 minutes before park opening. The Monorail is your best bet for getting there quickly. But the Ferry is fun too. Maybe take the Ferry back? Enjoy!


How early would you suggest for a 9 am opening? And how is the resort loop different than the normal monorail service @ the TTC?

There is an express monorail that goes direct to MK from the TTC. There is also the monorail that goes TTC to Epcot. The resort loop goes from TTC to the Poly, then to Grand Floridian, and on to MK (contemporary after). The resort loop runs early for breakfast reservations. The ferry and express May start around 8, but also may not.

If you want to be the very first in line. I would plan on parking around 7:30. They will open Main Street at 8, letting people all the way up to the Castle.

Curious - where do the people that uber/lyft/taxi get dropped off at? Is that an option? Having my DH drop us off there while he parks the car?

They drop at TTC. Only Minnie Vans can drop actually in front of MK.

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You should tell the driver to drop you off at the Contemporary.

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OK… say more…
Once we get to the contemporary, what’s the best way to get to MK?
Do you think this suggestion would be better than taking the monorail resort loop from TTC?

You walk. The guards may ask if you are dining or shopping so just be prepared to answer.

If you are not going to park, then this is a great option. If you are going to park, then I’d do TTC to not have to worry about being let in with my own car.

Get an early morning ADR at the Wave; park/uber at the Contempo, get one cup of coffee, and then walk over to the MK. I’ve read reports that sometimes they check to make sure you have business at the Contempo before they let you through.

I’ve stayed at the contempo and they’ve always just waved me through when using an lyft.

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Can I glom on to OP for clarification?

We are also off-site and want to be amongst the first people (without PPO ADR) to enter the park and queue for rope drop.

How early should we be at the tapstiles for a 9AM opening?
What should be my target time for TTC parking?
Resort monorail, correct?
Then we clear security.

How early do they admit people at main entrance?

Of course they could change all of this today…

I would plan to park around 7:00 if you want to be the very very first. Yes resort monorail. 7 parking should give you time to park get through security and take the monorail.

Particularly if you have been before, you can get in front of a lot of people just by walking directly to the castle. Most will stop to look around, take pictures etc, but if you are RD focuses, you’ll have no problem being the first few up there.