Rope Dropping Kilimanjaro

Last time my family went to AK (April 2021), we rope dropped and went straight to Kilimanjaro Safari- probably arrived at the ride 20 mins before park open. It seemed like they made us stand around until the actual park opened before they started. Is this the norm? Or was it because they didnt technically have extra magic hours or deluxe guest hours at the time? I wanted to know so I dont waste my time again, rather go towards everest instead.

It’s not on the list of attractions available.

Animals are in for cares in the morning so it would stand to reason that the attraction would not be ready before a set time each day.


Kilimanjaro does not open until official park open.

We did early entry on Friday.

Walked straight onto everything…


If Everest hadn’t gone down, dd would have ridden it a few more times.


Thanks everyone, i didn’t even realize there’s a list of early entry rides that are open!

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