Rope dropping FOP with a too short child?

How will that work?

we plan on arriving at 730 for a 9am. she can’t ride. I may forgo the stroller and wear my 4 yo just does that day to avoid having to navigate that crowd and park it (but I may decide against that). yes it will look funny, I don’t care. lol.

how do we child swap? Does one of us get a pass and someone waits type deals or do we all enter the queue and they have a holding area?

if we do take stroller… where do we park it… I imagine we won’t because just thinking about all the people,entering behind us while we park…ugh. but just in case…need to know.


One person will ask for a rider swap pass as they enter the line. The others will have to wait outside (there is not a holding area). When you get finished riding the ride, you will give the pass to the person that was waiting outside and they will get to go through the fastpass line to ride the ride (with 2 other people if they wish). Stroller parking is close to FOP, and since one has to wait to ride I would bring stroller. Since they won’t be getting in line, you won’t have to worry about others getting in front. It may be a little tough to navigate but probably worth having it the rest of the day.

Animal Kingdom is large. We used a stroller for my DS4.

We RDd FOP and did the Rider Switch as @launchpad15 described. The other person with the child had to be there at the entrance to the queue for me to get the RS card. Then they went off to play with the drums and walk around while they waited for me to ride.