Rope dropping and projected wait times

We’re going to be in WDW the first week of January. At the moment my touring plans have what look to me like insane wait times for the attractions we’re planning to rope drop: Flight of Passage, Remy’s, Runaway Railway, and 7Dwarfs. The server calculation seems to be giving us like 60-80 minute waits for attractions we will be hitting about 5-10 minutes after the early park opening hours. This seems kind of incredible to me. Is Flight of Passage really getting a 75-minute wait at 7:40am?? 7Dwarfs, 60 minutes at 8:40am??

It is assuming you will mot be in the front of the line. If you mark the step complete, and optimize as you complete that first step, it will adjust your plan in real time (and account for any attractions delayed opening).

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To get a more realistic wait time during EE, this is what I do:

  1. Google: “flight of passage waits”
  2. Look for the Touring Plans results page and go there
  3. It will take you to the current day, but click on Wait Times for the previous day(s) on the top left of the graph.

The black dots are posted waits which are good enough to estimate. Sometimes you will get a green dot which are actual waits submitted by a guest. Click/tap on the dots to get a time and wait time.


Assuming you’re a resort guest getting early entry, and planning to be at the gates at least 30 minutes early then I’d say you can plan to be toward the front of the pack. Feel free to make an early (like first 15 minutes) LL reservation if you can get it.

If, on the other hand, you don’t plan to arrive at the gates well before they open then you shouldn’t assume you’ll get to ride those rides with short waits. Those rides are where 80-90% of the people will be going when they walk in, and on peak days the lines will build quite high within the first 30 minutes.