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Howdy! Hoping to get a little advice on a plan of attack for RD at HS and MK.

MK day: 8AM EMH 11/8

Thought we’d maybe join the hoards and RD 7D then PP. Is that crazy talk? We’d be at tapstyles by 7:30 and try to move to the front of the crowd. Any guess on how much time I should plug into TP for RD 7D so I can see estimated wait time for PP?

Other option is it looks like there is a 12:05 PP open. We could kick out more Fantasyland rides then do PP on that FP. We have a 4:30 7D FP but hoping to not tie up my FPs until that late in the day so wanted to consider 7D RD instead.

HS day: 9AM regular opening 11/7

One of the first days at HS after the end of EEMH. I have no idea what to expect. We are hoping to RD SDD. We will be there by 8:30 at the latest (earlier if Liners think we need to be). Any guesses on how long to build in for that one? How long did it take pre-GE? Do we think crowds will still head to GE first and free up TSL a bit at RD?

Thanks for any and all input!

Keep this 7DMT FPP. Try to modify it to earlier as often as possible. Do not let it go. The odds you’ll get another are slim.

Put a break at the start of your plan at 8am and ending no sooner than 15 minutes. You should really arrive closer to 7am if you want to be anywhere near the front of the RD crowd. Watch Touring Plans YouTube channel video where they show their staff at different positions in the crowd and how that affects wait times.

Yep… you really need to get to the parks 60 minutes before RD to get to the front of the pack and you’ll have to “walk with a purpose”. Most people are going to SWGE first now during EEMH, but because of how slow SDD operates and isn’t always operating on time the queue builds quickly.

Thanks! Last trip we had a PPO for MK and EMM at HS so I have been spoiled by not having done the big attraction RD plan.

Just me and DD15 this trip. Although she is a teenager, her motto is “No Sleep In Disney” so we will set the alarm for even earlier and hit the ground running. Strangely, she loves taking the busses to the parks but sounds like we should probably hit an early Uber on RD days instead.

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I would definitely take the PPF FP no matter what and do other things after 7DMT. I think I would keep that FPP too. I have no desire to ever RD a headliner.

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Thanks! Snagged the PP FP. We will use our EMH time on less popular rides that we won’t want to wait for later. But it does feel a bit odd to RD IASW or Buzz (LOL!).

I have party FPs, too, so we have all the biggies covered. Might do something completely bizarre like ride a Main St. vehicle for the first time.