Rope Drop transportation

Plan to rope drop HS and EP for EE from AoA.

Which will be better to allow us to be at the front of the pack, bus or skyliner?

I don’t think the bus is an option?

Skyliner is awesome. Just want to be there quite early!

The bus was a option when we were there 4 years ago before the skyliner. Obviously a lot has changed since then. :slight_smile:

Did rope drop februsry 10th from AoA to Hollywood. We left our room in finding nemo area at 645. We were around 25th in line at the skyliner. Hollywood opened at 9am. Skyliner started around 720. The line behind us stretched all the way out of view back into pop century. If you want to be one of the first on the skyliner be early! We RD mickey and minnies and were in line at 745. It started operation at 815.

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I think when the skyliner is running, buses to those parks are rare. At least that was the situation precovid, I haven’t read any reports since reopening.


We stayed at AoA 4/2021 and there were busses to HS and EC along w the skyliner. But Pop didn’t have busses so people from Pop could walk over to the AOA busses.
The post about arriving early is right. The line extends far on the skyliner BUT the line moves well.
We rope dropped RNRC and ToT and were fine being a ways back on the skyliner. Would want to be early if rope dropping Rise

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